What types of videos should you create for your company?

Author: Sachin Datta | Categories: Online Marketing, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing

Businesses are quickly realizing how valuable videos can be to their marketing efforts, but onlya few know what kind of videos to produce for their organizations. From product videos to creative stories, what makes the most sense for each business, and what if we have a limited budget?

Ascend2 and Vidyard have teamed up for a study called Video Marketing Strategy Benchmarks for Success to survey 228 professionals who are achieving important objectives with video marketing. Their findings are insightful to anyone already using or thinking of implementing video marketing strategies in 2016. An important part of video strategy that many of our clients struggle with is figuring out which types of videos they should invest in. Sharing some vlogs with your audience might be easy and fun, but are these effective? You might be proud of your event, but would people watch your event videos?

Let’s talk about some of these

  • Explainer Video- Everyone has seen these videos either on television or the web. They can complete a few different tasks. They can explain how a product works, how itis used, and manufacturing. For example, if you want to showcase your company’s new app, you may want an explainer video to demonstrate how to use the app. A ‘how-it-works’ video could fit nicely into your strategy and showcase exactly how your product works better than the rest. If you have a product for a specialized industry (for example, manufacturing plumbing fixtures), a how-it’s-made video could be your answer. Give your clients a behind-the-scenes look at your employees and factory, showing them the care and precision that goes into the creation of your product.
  • Customer Testimonial - Maybe you have a product or service with a lot of similar competition, and you want to highlight the satisfaction customers receive from choosing your company over another. A video testimonial from a happy customer would be very beneficial. Video testimonials give future customers/clients a proof that your products or services are reliable and useful. Anyone on the fenceevaluatingwhich company to choose will watch the video of the satisfied customer and feel confident that they are making the right choice by going with you.
  • Demo Videos - Nobody likes to waste money. That’s a fact. Demo videos are a convenient and safe way to “test” a product without having to buy it. These types of videos give the consumer the opportunity to see if a product is right for them without having the financial risk of purchasing a product they will not like.
  • Thought leadership/Vlog-Vlogs, or video blogs, are just what the doctor ordered. There are too many blog posts in the world, and vlogs are the cure. They’re cheap to produce, personality-driven, and quite possibly the best bang for your buck in terms of sheer engagement value. Yet, only afew companies have vlogs, opting instead to spend the bucks on product demos and polished business intro videos for landing pages. While this certainly isn’t the wrong way to go about it, it bears repeating that vlogs are cheap. You can shoot a 5-minute vlog in front of your webcam with a one-page outline and come off as a real human being instead of a “brand ambassador.” Total cost? One cup of coffee.
  • Tutorial videos-According to the dual-coding theory, the formation of mental images helps us learn. And that is where explainer videos and tutorials come into play. In these types of videos, we use both verbal and visual communication to help create mental images, which makes it easier for people to recall the information given to them. The fact that these types of videos help us learn and remember what we learned is what makes them so special.

You don’t have to confine your videos to any of these categories, you could combine multiple videos to suit your needs. Be creative with your ideas but keep these guidelines in mind. Many product videos are actually a combination of these examples.