When your customer was deciding on your competitor - could you reach her?

Author: Tanu Gupta | Categories: 1:1 Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Online Marketing

The customer today conducts extensive research, weighs all the options, has a quick attention span, consumes information across channels, and then makes a buying decision. If you can't reach to her in a jiffy, you will lose her attention. You have to be ready to interact with her on her terms.

“70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated. - McKinsey “

Spray and pray marketing - time to change

For too long marketers have applied spray and pray approach to digital marketing.

They have taken their message to customers using limited channels, hoping that some of it would stick. But a campaign without direction just saturates the customer without any real value. Are you paying sufficient attention to the needs of your customer?

Key characteristics of a new customer:

  • Completes a major part of her journey before interacting with a sales person
  • Disengages with irrelevant content
  • Consumes content across channels
  • Wants to interact with brands on her terms
  • Wants to interact where she wants
  • Is always- on/connected
  • Wants brands to know of her expectations

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. And, to successfully keep up with it, we have to keep changing our thoughts.”

Orient your marketing landscape to customers’ decision journey and keep her engaged.

89% of marketing leaders said they expected their companies to compete "mostly on the basis of customer engagement".

One-to-One Marketing improves customer engagement

One-to-One Marketing is characterized by the ability to communicate in a personalized and relevant manner across all touchpoints with prospects and customers. It delivers the right message to the right person at the right time, and now, in the right channel.

An example: 


One-to-One Marketing
  • The marketer gains customer insight from acquisition through engagement.
  • The marketer converts an unknown visitor to a known visitor early in the journey.
  • The marketer delivers relevant, personalized experiences through the website, email, social and display marketing.
  • All data is integrated into a single view of the customer to activate website, email, social, and display personalization.


Customer Engagement


Hope this was helpful enough for you to send personalized messages to your customer, engage her with your brand, and make her a repeat valued customer.

You can also take a deep dive into the notion of One-to-One Marketing, click here to download the guide that will give more insights into personalized approach of doing business.