Why is Drupal an ideal open source CMS for an enterprise

Why is Drupal an ideal open source CMS for an enterprise

Author: Anirban Chakraborty | Categories: CMS

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There are several challenges when new software, a tool or even an application is born. And then there are some that are sure shot winners. The major concern for most developers these days is to adopt and learn new technology and its functionality. While not all of them go hand in hand, you are sure to get that solace with Drupal. It excels in providing features and functionalities that make life a lot easier. Not only software developers but even website content administrators have found that by adopting Drupal CMS they can manage and control their websites in an easy and automated manner.

What’s more, Drupal is also excitingly flexible! Creating corporate and community websites in a flash, managing teams, hosting discussions, running polls, communicating and using innumerable forms of productivity-enhancing features with minimal effort, this all-in-one platform has emerged as a leader of the pack among open source web CMS platforms with rapid adoption globally.

This white paper covers many captivating facts about Drupal that make it a strong and viable platform for enterprise marketers. The paper also talks about opportunities for organizations to build and strengthen their digital scalability through Drupal while enabling marketers with ever growing marketing capabilities.

In this whitepaper you will find how Drupal offers:

  • Easy integration with other content delivery platforms such as video
  • Features and functionalities that speed up the digital content publishing and marketing process and promote flexibility