Why Marketing is Broken, and how Time to Value fixes it!

Author: Greg Baxter | Categories: CMS, Sitecore CMS, 1:1 Marketing, Content Marketing

Time to Value is a methodology to increase measurable business revenue using Sitecore in under 30 days. Business demands positive results, Marketers who don’t shift the needle, and who are not data driven simply won’t survive the customer experience revolution.

Watch digital marketing and Sitecore veteran Greg Baxter share how to drive business value in just 30 days, and then how to get to the single view of the customer across all channels.

This webinar covered:

  • Why marketing is broken.
  • What is Time to Value?
  • Business Value in 30 Days.
  • Single View of the Customer – Time to Value’s “big brother”.
  • Marketing Nirvana - How to reach full cross channel digital maturity.
  • Case Studies.